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Short Biography :

I am a Master student of Computer Science at Technical University of Munich (TUM) and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at TUM for Introduction to Deep Learning course. In summer 2018, I was a research intern at Google Research and Machine Intelligence team in Zurich, researched on Reinforcement Learning for graph-structured data. Previously, I was a research assistant at Computational Biology Lab of TUM, working on Deep Learning in Computational Genomics and focusing on the development of multi-task models for RNA-protein binding sites predictions (published in Bioinformatics journal, 2017). Additionally, I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at TUM for Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning (IN2332) course holding tutorial classes occasionally.

Moreover, I was a Research Intern at National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo working on Deep Learning in Computer Vision and their applications in UAVs. There, I developed “Okutama-action”, a novel aerial view video dataset for concurrent human action detection (in proc. CVPRW 2017), and worked on model compression techniques for semantic segmentation task (published in Elsevier Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2017)

I am currently Looking for full-time positions in Deep Learning starting from Q3 2019.

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